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A vine-grown tomato can be stored for longer because the green ends of the vine retain a small amount…

About Sweet Enjoy

Tomatoes are possibly one of the most frequently used cooking ingredients. It’s easy to see why as they can be combined and prepared in a variety of ways. Tomatoes are one of the few foods that can be used as a main or a side ingredient. But the Sweet Enjoy tomato has much more to offer than most other tomato varieties on the market!

Sweet Enjoy is a premium cherry tomato with a good bite and an amazingly sweet flavour. It’s a real taste sensation. After biting into the firm, bright red flesh, your taste buds will savour the tomato’s crisp, delightful taste, which becomes sweeter in your mouth. The perfect ingredient to enhance the taste of all your dishes. Does this sound mouth-wateringly good? Then taste our Sweet Enjoy and find out what we mean by ‘the unique taste experience’!


Latest news about Sweet Enjoy

New style packaging for Sweet Enjoy
New style packaging for Sweet Enjoy

The old packaging of Sweet Enjoy vine cherry tomatoes did not do justice to the superior quality and flavour. We got in...

The Sweet Enjoy vine tomatoes are being harvested!
The Sweet Enjoy vine tomatoes are being harvested!

As soon as you enter one of our greenhouses, the first sensation to greet you is the amazing smell of vine tomatoes...

What do you think about Sweet Enjoy?
What do you think about Sweet Enjoy?

We are overwhelmed with positive reactions to Sweet Enjoy from our customers! We would also like to know just what you...

Recipes with Sweet Enjoy tomatoes

Devilled tomatoes

Tomato soup

Tomato-mozzarella skewers

"Die ‘Sweet Enjoy’ bestätigt Ihren Namen beim ersten Biss."

"‘Sweet Enjoy’ - it’s love at first bite."

Patrick Wagner, Rungis express AG
"Die Strauchtomaten von Sweet Enjoy sind sehr Schön schmecken extrem gut, Tomaten kommen immer frisch und schön rot." "Sweet Enjoy vine cherry tomatoes look and taste amazing. They are always fresh and a beautiful red."
Zondler Früchte